BUYER OF ROMANCE. Imported Oldengurg Sold in 2016. Ohio. 

" Dear Ana, Marta and Señor Renilla:  Thank you very much for allowing Romance to be part of my life.  

I've never even dreamed of owning a horse as fabulous as he. He is the entire package: affectionate, kind, very talented, extremely beautiful with a lovely conformation and fabulous gaits. I believe that his sweet personality is the result of his upbringing at WEC. The icing on the cake is that the whole purchasing process has been an unexpected pleasure. My husband and I have purchased numerous horses over the years and have met a lot of sellers in the process, and I believe that you are the kindest, fairest and most honest people we've worked with. I told my husband that if Romance didn't work out, I was done with horse-hunting since I couldn't go back to having to deal with dishonesty and frustration.

I will never forget you! As I've told you several times, this is the last horse I buy in my lifetime; he and I will be together till the end. I feel like I won the lottery by finding Romance and actually being able to afford him. You and I both realize that he is worth far more than his fair purchase price.  Marta, I wish you the best of luck with your horses and will definitely follow your career through social media. I'll keep you posted on Romance's inevitable success in the future!  Fondly.¨

BUYER OF TORMENTO (Tori). P.R.E. Gelding. Sold in 2016. Maryland. 

Hi Marta. I thought that I would write and give you an update on Tormento.  It took us a while to establish a connection (I had to become a much better rider), but we have now and progress is going exponentially.  He is a dream horse- so smart, happy, talented, and has a crazy amount of impulsion.  We are schooling all second and third level movements and should start showing next summer.  Tori is now six and is getting great muscles too.  He has a lovely working trot and developing a great medium trot.  I have attached pictures so you can see how he is developing.  Thanks again for Tori!

My teacher, a top trainer in this part of the country can’t stop raving about him.  And she also said he is going to get much better.  What a wonderful dream come true. 

BUYER OF GOYA, P.R.E. Stallion Sold in 2016. Dallas, TX.

" Hi Marta and Ana, I hope you are both well!  I saw you ride at the Platinum show, Marta!! I just wanted to share with you the results of Goya’s first show!! (my first competition in 16 years).  We got 64.3%. I love this horse!  He has a good brain and a great heart!  

Thank you for doing such a great job getting him started.  

See you at the Championships!"

SELLER OF AMADIS AND BUYER OF SUSPIRO, Azteca Stallion Sold in 2015. Dallas, TX

" Marta Renilla is helping me reach my long term goals of working towards Grand Prix dressage training & competing. When I first met her, she assessed my riding and horses skill set over several months and developed a plan, which included selling my former horse and finding something size and age appropriate for me who would allow me to reach my long term goals. My horse sold to a wonderful home and I was able to purchase the horse of my dreams, Suspiro. So far, we have been very successful together winning in Third Level AA class at our first shows together. I just love riding him & can't wait to see what the future holds for us!¨

BUYER OF BARBARO, AKA LORCA. Imported P.R.E. Sold in 2015. New York.

"Dear Marta, Ana and Jose: I wanted to let you know how things are working out with Lorca. It's been 3 months since he arrived, and from the very beginning he proved to be not only sensible but so sweet and friendly. He attracted a lot of attention because of his unusual coloring, and I got lots of compliments from the other boarders who told me how handsome he is. What has impressed me and Raul the most is his outstanding temperament. He has taken his surroundings in stride and does not seem to be bothered by anything. Although he called a lot during the first week he was here, that disappeared soon afterwards. Raul teaches me about 3 times a week, and we are making steady progress. As Raul noted when he rode him recently, Lorca is very willing and does whatever you ask of him, certainly an indication of the excellent training he received from you and Jose. So, all in all, we couldn't be more pleased! Abrazos."

BUYER OF REGALIZ. Imported P.R.E. Sold in 2015. Connecticut. "Dear Marta, I just had to share how wonderful Regaliz and I are doing. He is truly a dream come true for me! After spending weeks on the lunge line and months of lessons, I have finally found my seat again. Today we started our flying changes and he is so smart and it was so fun. I love him so much!!! I also bought a trailer and we have been taking all kinds of adventures across the countryside, jumping logs and galloping like crazy people. We have so much fun together! I have never felt so safe on any horse in my 40 years of riding. No one can believe he's just 5 years old. I can't thank you enough for finding me the horse of my dreams!
With kindest regards".

BUYER OF CUBANO. Imported  P.R.E. Sold in 2014. North Carolina.

"I am so grateful for Woodlands Equestrian Club and Marta Renilla for my incredible horse Cubano! He is a super star. He is everything I dreamed of. My experience at Woodlands was superb. The staff and trainers were wonderful and professional. I was able to spend a couple of days riding many incredible horses and was able to find my perfect match. Cubano and I are busy getting ready for second level. Everything comes naturally for this horse. He is so athletic, comfortable and willing. I am so excited for our future!!!!!

BUYER OF IAIDO. Imported P.R.E. Sold in 2012. Minnesota.

"Iaido is doing very well here in his new home. He adjusted very quickly and has been well behaved and a pleasure to ride, and of course his great looks gain him admiring comments every time he's out of his stall. We love his wonderful gaits and natural responsiveness, and his personality is ideal. He has warmed up to us now and is really starting to enjoy being pampered as a pet, as well as being ridden as a dressage horse. We could not be happier!"

BUYER OF BARROCO. P.R.E. Sold in October'14. Virginia.


BUYERS OF LLABULOSO AND LUQUESO. 2 Imported P.R.E. Sold in 2013. Michigan.

"My wife and I have been looking for the 'perfect' Andalusians for the last 2 years. We have gone to breeding farms, training barns, and shows all over the south and southwest. We had seen Marta Renilla event several times along with many other award winning Professionals, all marvelous in their own way. But Marta kept catching our eye ... it was the way she rode, the expression the horses demonstrated, the harmony of her and her mounts .... their was just such a soft fluidity between her and the equines she rode. We then committed ourselves to working with her and seeking her guidance and it was the best decision we ever made.

She made available to us all of her horses to ride each day, provided guidance, and then ask how what we felt? Eventually, she helped us to find the perfect horses to match our riding goals, personalities, and fun factor. We are forever grateful. Luqueso and Marques have met our every expectation and more. They are still young, 5 and 6, and yet they are safe, love to learn, and love to be playful .... such personalities and gaits these boys have! We have been blessed by the family and friendships at Woodlands Equestrian Club and will be forever grateful to Marta for her earnest and honest guidance in selecting our "Dream Horses". Thank you Marta, we just Love you!"

BUYER OF TICO. P.R.E. Sold in 2011. Ft. Worth, TX. "The search for the perfect horse was becoming frustrating. After two years and a national search, my quest for finding my equine partner ended when I met Marta Renilla. Marta introduced me to the Pure Spanish (P.R.E) or Andalusian breed and the horses she had trained. From geldings to stallions, all of the horses at WEC have amazing temperments and athletic ability. Marta's riding is a joy to watch and the caliber of the horses at WEC reflect her training style and expertise. I ended up choosing Tico, the first stallion I ever sat on and absolutely the most cooperative, willing, hard working horse I ever rode. Although I am still a beginning level dressage rider, Tico has the sensitivity to work at my level yet he is athletic and determined enough to be a Prix St Georges competitor. I found the perfect horse to work through the levels over the next few years. I strongly believe this is a testament to Marta's training, her love of this breed and her understanding of the individual rider's needs."