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Dressage Horses Recently Sold by Marta & her team in 2019

FER CORONADO. Sold to California. December 2019.
2010 Imported Grand Prix P.R.E. Stallion. 
Coronado (2).jpg
DAILY WEC. Sold to Fort Worth, TX. November 2019.
2013 Oldenburger Gelding
SECRETO WEC. Sold in Texas. October 2019.
2015 P.R.E. Gelding
Daily (16).jpg
Secreto (21).jpg
OPORTUNO WEC. Sold to Colorado. October 2019.
2015 P.R.E. Gelding
NERON. Sold to Missouri. September 2019.
2010 Imported P.R.E. Gelding
Neron (18).jpg
DELUX WEC. Sold to Oregon. September 2019.
2015 Imported Oldenburger Gelding
WEC's DREAMER. Sold to California. September 2019.
2013 Imported Oldenburger Gelding
HUMO. Sold to Connecticut. September 2019.
2012 Imported Lusitano Gelding
FENOMENO WEC. Sold to Arizona. September 2019.
2015 Imported Hanoverian Gelding
Dreamer (17).jpg
HUMO (49)_edited.jpg
Fenomeno (10).jpg
BABIANO. Sold to California. September 2019.
2009 Imported Trakehner gelding. 
DANCER WEC. Sold in Texas. August 2019.
2015 Imported Oldenburger Gelding
Babiano (5).jpg
RAJAH. Sold in Texas. July 2019.
2007 Zweibrucker Gelding
DON FIRE. Sold to New York. June 2019.
Imported 2013 Oldenburg Gelding
D Fire (18).jpg
GAMARRO. Sold to New York. June 2019.
Imported Grand Prix 2007 P.R.E. Gelding
SEUL. Sold to Lousiana. June 2019.
Imported 2011 P.R.E. Gelding
Dancer (2).jpg
GRANAINO. Sold to Iowa. May 2019. 
Imported Grand Prix 2005 P.R.E. Gelding
Seul (8).jpg
MATEO. Sold to Vancouver, Canada. May 2019.
2011 P.R.E. Gelding
FALCON. Sold to Colorado. April 2019.
2013 Imported Oldenburger Gelding
Granaino (29).jpg
JANNES. Sold to New Mexico. April 2019.
2011 Imported Registered Friesian Gelding
Mateo (14).jpg
Janes (12).jpg
ORO.  Sold to Florida. April 2019.
2012 P.R.E. Gelding
FESS PARKER. Sold to New York. March 2019.
2004 Hanoverian Gelding
oro (17).jpg
SENADOR. March 2019. Sold to Nevada.
2011 Imported P.R.E. Gelding
Senador (6).jpg
LEGEND. March 2019. Dallas, TX
2006 Hanoverian Gelding
SOLITARIO. January 2019. Sold to L.A., CA.
2013 Andalusian Gelding
LA FLOR. January 2019. Fort Worth, TX.
Imported 2013 Oldenburger Mare
LA FLOR (8).jpg
AMOR. January 2019. Fort Worth, TX.
Imported 2007 Westfalian Gelding
Solitario (6)_edited.jpg
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