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Buy Your New horse from Video

      Our horses are trained at:

Woodlands Equestrian Club

(North of Houston)

10422 Hufsmith Rd.,

    Tomball TX 77375. USA

         Tel: 713-373-7543

1. EMAIL US. After receiving your details, we will contact you and provide you with all the available info about the horse.

Your Message was Sent!! We'll contact you soon!

2. VETTING. We can provide you with X-rays prior any decision is made. We can arrange the whole vetting process for you. We have a very good selection of local vets that we will suggest (but you are the one who chooses) and the clinical aspect of the vetting can also be videoed and sent to your own vet.

3. SHIPPING. We can provide you with multiple names of companies who are experts in shipping horses all over North American and Canada. Once you select one, we will assist with the shipping documentation that your horse will need. 

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