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Dressage Horses Recently Sold by Marta & her team in 2023

FAHRENHEIT. Sold to Maryland. Nov.'23
2017 Imported Oldenburg Gelding
Fahrenheit (6).JPG
DON's DEBUTANTE. Sold in Texas. Nov.'23
2016 Hanoverian Mare
SANTORINI M.R. Sold to Ohio. Nov.'23
2018 Imported Oldenburg Mare
THIESKE. Sold to California. Nov.'23
2014 Friesian Gelding
Thieske (16)_edited.jpg
Santorini (1)_edited.jpg
DALILA. Sold to Georgia. Oct.'23
2016 Imported Hanoverian Mare
CHOCOLATE M.R. Sold to Washington. Sept.'23
2016 Andalusian Cross Stallion
Don´s Debutante (9).jpg
SHERIFF. Sold to Colorado. Nov.'23
2009 Oldenburg Gelding
Sheriff (6)_edited.jpg
DARLA. Sold to Michigan. September'23
2018 Oldenburg Mare
FALCON. Sold to Ft. Worth, TX. September'23
2013 Oldenburg Gelding
Chocolate M.R (2).jpg
Dalila (7).jpg
CADEAU. Sold to Illinois. August'23
2012 Mecklenburg Gelding
BENETTONA. Sold in Magnolia, TX. August'23
2011 International Sport Mare
FALCON (3).jpg
RUBATO. Sold to Austin, TX. July'23
2004 Oldenburg Gelding
DAENERYS. Sold to Montana. July'23
2018 Oldenburg Mare
Benettona (7)_edited.jpg
Cadeau (18)_edited.jpg
FAIR SECRET. Sold to New Jersey. June'23
2018 Imported Hanoverian Gelding
BALTAZAR. Sold to Vermont. June'23
2011 Andalusian Gelding
dAENERYS (22).jpg
Baltazar (17)_edited.jpg
Fair Secret (1)_edited.jpg
LIGHTNING. Sold to Florida. June'23
2013 Imported Hanoverian Gelding
 SULTANO. Sold to Illinois. May'23
2017 Hispano-Lusitano Gelding
Sultano M_edited.jpg
Quaterhalls Lightning (3)_edited.jpg
EASY DANCER M.R. Sold in Houston. May'23
2019 Imported Hanoverian Gelding
VITALIS M.R. Sold to Pennsylvania. April'23
2018 Imported Oldenburg Gelding
FINESTEIN. Sold to Maryland. February'23
2015 Imported Oldenburg Gelding
CHARIZARD. Sold to Maryland. March'23
2016 Andalusian WB Cross Gelding
Vitalis M.R (6).jpg
Easy Dancer (11).jpg
CARACOL M.R. Sold to Florida. February'23
2018 P.R.E. Gelding
WIRBELTANZ. Sold in Texas. February'23
2014 Canadian WB Gelding
Charizard (7)_edited.jpg
Wirbeltanz (4).jpg
SKYFALL M.R. Sold to Colorado. January'23
2017 Imported Oldenburg Gelding
JARDIO M.R. Sold to Colorado. February'23
2015 P.R.E. Gelding
SKYFALL (3).jpg
VAQUERO. Sold to Maryland. January'23
2017 P.R.E. Gelding
Vaquero (5).jpg
Whrigley (9)_edited.jpg
WHRIGLEY. Sold in Texas. January'23
2008 FEI Oldenburg Mare
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