Dressage Horses Recently Sold by Marta & her team in 2020

RANSOM. Sold in Texas. August'20.
2011 Hanoverian Gelding
HAVEN. Sold in Texas. August'20.
2008 Appendix Mare
ZAFIRO. Sold in Texas. August'20.
2003 Lusitano Schoolmaster Gelding
DANTE RDL. Sold to CA. August'20.
2008 P.R.E. Gelding
POSTINERO MR. Sold to Michigan. August'20.
2016 Imported P.R.E. Gelding
EVITA. Sold to New Mexico. August'20.
2009 Dutch WB Mare
FALSTAFF MR. Sold to Ft. Worth, TX. August'20.
Imported 2013 Hanoverian Gelding
ATTICUS MR. Sold in Texas. July 2020.
2011 Andalusian Gelding
SOUL WEC. Sold to Boerne, TX. July 2020.
2015 Imported Hanoverian Gelding
WINTER. Sold to Boerne, TX. July 2020.
2005 Oldenburg Gelding
PEREGRINO WEC. Sold in Houston, TX. July'20.
2015 P.R.E. Gelding
KELIO WEC. Sold to Missouri. July 2020.
2015 Imported P.R.E. Gelding
FLING. Sold to South Carolina. June 2020.
2009 Black Hanoverian Gelding
BEAULIEU WEC. Sold to California. June 2020.
2014 Oldenburg Gelding
PICASSO WEC. Sold to New Hampshire. June 2020.
2014 Andalusian Gelding
BERTY. Sold to Colorado. May 2020.
2014 Hanoverian Mare
DUCATI. Sold in Houston, TX. March 2020.
2008 Imported Hanoverian Gelding
EOS. Sold to Orange, TX . February 2020.
2007 Imported Swedish WB Mare
QUANTIUM. Sold to Colorado. February 2020.
Imported 2013 Oldenburger Gelding
ALESANDRO A. Sold to Alabama. February 2020.
2015 P.R.E. Gelding
MYSTERY. Sold to Canada. February 2020.
2011 P.R.E. Gelding
NOVELERO. Sold to Canada. February 2020.
2011 P.R.E. Gelding

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