Dressage Horses Recently Sold by Marta & her team in 2022

FENOMENO. Sold to Missouri. May'22
2015 Imported  Hanoverian Gelding
HEAVEN. Sold to Montana. May'22
2007 FEI Belgian Warmblood Mare
KLAUS. Sold in Texas. April'22
2016 Andalusian Cross Gelding
FLORESTERN. Sold in Texas. April'22
2010 Hanoverian Gelding
Florestern (11).jpg
fenomeno (1)_edited.jpg
HEAVEN (7)_edited.jpg
CHRIST ROYAL M.R. Sold to Georgia. April'22
2017 Imported Oldenburg Gelding
IBERO. Sold to Kansas. April'22
2016 Imported Iberoamerican Gelding
Ibero (3).jpg
DAQUIRI CLASSIC. Sold in Florida. March'22
Imported 2011 Imported Westphalian Gelding
FEINRICH M.R. Sold in Houston. March'22
Imported 2018 Hanoverian Gelding
Christ Royal (20)_edited.jpg
Feinrich (6)_edited.jpg
FORTUNE COOKIE. Sold to Florida. March'22
2013 Imported Hanoverian Gelding
LA PERLA NEGRA. Sold in Texas. Febr.'22
2016 Lusitano Mare
Fortune Cookie (3)_edited.jpg
PERLA NEGRA_edited.jpg
Daquiri (4).jpg
GAVILAN. Sold in Houston. Febr.'22
2018 Andalusian Gelding
MIDDLETON. Sold to Florida. Febr.'22
2013 FEI Oldenburg Champion
GAMARRO. Sold to Vegas. Febr.'22
2007 FEI P.R.E. Champion
KORSICANO. Sold in Houston. Febr.'22
2015 P.R.E. Gelding
Middle pirouette_edited.jpg
Gavilan (22)_edited.jpg
Gamarro (5).jpg
SEUL. Sold to Kansas. Jan.'22
2011 P.R.E. Gelding
JEREZANO. Sold in Houston. Jan.'22
2014 Lusitano Gelding
Seul (13)_edited.jpg
Jrezano pic.jpg