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Dressage Andalusian Horses for Sale more than $70,000

2016 Imported P.R.E.Gelding
2016 Imported P.R.E.Gelding

HEIGHT: 16.1 hh

LEVEL: 1st level /2nd level.


2016 Andalusian gelding imported from Spain. ANCCE papers.

Top Dressage bloodlines:  

SIRE: Senescal (Utrerano VII/ Vinatero III)

DAM: by Doctor XXIV/ Delicado III

FEI Prospect. Smooth gaits. Quiet soft contact. Brave. Willing Honest. Forward thinking. Amateur friendly. X-Rays on file.

Additional video, in liberty: 

HEIGHT: 16 hh

LEVEL: 1st / 2nd level.

Xirimiri M.R. 2016 Andalusian gelding Imported from Spain. ANCCE Papers. 

Top Dressage Bloodlines:

SIRE; Encendido I (G.P. Horse) Batalla II/ Cortesano VII.

DAM by Utrerano VII/ Ermitano III.

FEI Prospect. 3 really competitive dressage gaits. Brave. Forward thinking. Sorft in the hand. Smooth gaits. Natural uphill balance. Amateur friendly. X-Rays on file.

2017 P.R.E. Gelding
Imported 2016 P.R.E. Gelding

HEIGHT: 16.3 hh

LEVEL: 3rd level

Pure Spanish horse with ANCCE papers. FEI Prospect.

Do you want feel like a princess and be competitive in the dressage ring while you have a blast? This special boy can give you all of that and more :)

FEI prospect. Confirmed second level. Schooling 3rd level.

Natural uphill balance. Smooth gaits. Brave. Light to the aids. Forward thinking. Dressage bloodlines. Amateur friendly.  Willing. Amateur friendly. 

X-Rays on file.

HEIGHT: 16 hh

LEVEL: 3rd, schooling FEI

2016 Andalusian gelding Imported from Spain. ANCCE papers.

Previous VIDEO:


Top bloodlines from Yeguada los Alcores:  Yeguada Militar (Lebrijano III)


FEI prospect. Amazing Lateral Work. Easy fly changes and canter pirouettes. Forward thinking. Light to the aids. Soft contact. Natural uphill balance. Brave. Willing. Hard worker. Amateur friendly. X-Rays on file.

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