European Dressage Horses' SHOPPING EXPERIENCE


We know how confusing and stressful Horse Shopping can be. We understand your fears and doubts in this special moment of your life and wish to guide you through the process whether you have a trainer helping you out or not. 

I get asked often, so,... I like him! what do I do now? How do I move forward with this horse that I'm inquiring about? Well, once you have chosen your partner you can either:


1. Leave a 10% deposit to book the first right of purchase over other buyers, An agreement with the horse's information and payment details will be sent digitally to complete by you and the seller. We accept wire transfers and checks. 


2. Your right or purchase will last 9 days to allow you to evaluate the horse's health with a veterinarian of your choice. If you choose not to perform an exam, that would work too. We keep on file all the horse's Xrays to share with you and your vet. We can send them in advance, even before your visit. We can provide a few names of local veterinarians if you do not know anyone in the Houston area to do this service.

3. After you have the pre-purchase exam results, the remaining price amount (90%) of the horse is due. Should the vet exam turned out unsatisfactory, the deposit will 100% be refunded to you. 

4. After full payment is received, the horse is yours! You will have 2 additional days (11 since the agreement and deposit) to pick up your horse or become the new responsible party of the horse's expenses. Yes, we can give you names of multiple transportation companies, that we and our clients have used over the past decade to ship horses all over continental US and Canada. We will prepare your horse for his trip and will have the travel documents ready to hand to your shipper. You may also leave him as a boarder in our training facility and we´ll take care of him until you pick him up.

5. We will email you a dispatch sheet with the horse's habits, size, type of bits, last shoeing etc. to help you help him to adapt to his new home!

6. If the horse has breed registry, within a reasonable period of time after purchase, your will receive it to your address by UPS or FEDEX.


7. We love feedback! Once the process is finished, we would appreciate to know how the horse is doing or a few words for our Successful Stories page.

8. Enjoy your new life with your horse!!!! and keep us update of his progress!! We are proud of all our "horse students" moving from our ¨Dressage college¨ to wonderful homes like yours.

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