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Marta´s Past / Current Horses

ISENBRANT EL RASILLO: In 1997, Marta and her mom started off their first Dressage horse, Isenbrant, a 5 years old

Hannoverian Gelding. Marta and Isenbrant grew up together in the levels until Grand Prix. Marta and Isenbrant competed

at the Spanish and European Championships and once in the US she achieved her USDF Gold Medal with him. He's now

23 and happily retired in front of Marta's houseVideo of Marta & Isenbrant Grand Prix 2008, Houston TX


                                                               PRESUMIDO: In 2009, Presumido's owner Pablo Vazquez asked Marta to train his

                                                                6 year-old Pure Spanish Stallion who seemed to be decent for Dressage...

                                                                Since he was 7 and for the next 5 years, Marta competed Presumido in Inter I

                                                               and Grand Prix in International Competitions, CDI 3* and the 2014 Wellington Nations Cup.

                                                           Video of Marta & Presumido Grand Prix, 2012, Lexinton KY. 


                                                               WEC'S MISTICO: Owned by Marta's training facillity, this Andalusian Gelding

                                                               has been under Marta's coaching since he was a 5 year-old with only the basic movements.

                                                                She has trained him and competed him up the levels and at 8 years old he was already                                                                                 competing Intermediare I for 1 year. Mistico debuted in Grand Prix in 2015 at age 9.

                                                              He's an amazing talented horse! Video of Marta & Mistico PSG, 2014 Houston TX


                                                             WEC'S RHUSTLER: This 4th level, 6 years-old Hannoverian, by Russeau, has the

                                                              movements of a Master horse! Marta is competing him obtaining

                                                             +70% scores. She believes he will become a wonderful Grand Prix horse in 3 years.

                                                             Watch for the pair at the recognized shows!

                                                             Video of Marta & Rhustler 5 yo test (80.2%), 2014 Houston TX 

                                                             Video of 1st Level (78%)    

                                                             Video of Rhustler & Marta on his 3rd level debut (Jan'15)   

                                                             Video of Rhustler schooling at home    


                                                               WEC'S ROSEWOOD: Rosewood is an Oldenburg imported from Germany in

                                                              September 2014, and with Rohdiamant and Rubinstein in his bloodlines.

                                                              Marta is just starting his training and is showing him with excelent results!  

                                                             He has a willing disposition for being only 3 years old and his talent shows inmediately. 


                                                               WEC'S BRAVO: A 2011 Oldenburg imported from Germany.... at his age he is already

                                                               the best mover Marta has ever sit on. A pure Dressage delicacy. The pair is already competing in                                                                  recognized shows. Watch out competitors! Wec's Bravo did for the first time first level 3 in                                                                              January 2016. He is just turning 5yo and he was Champion and High Point Champion of the

                                                              whole show with 77.647%!


                                                              WEC'S FERRARI: Marta changed his name because he´s truly like a Ferrari! Smooth on the                                                                     gaits and a pure German engineering animal! He is a 2011 Haniverian Gelding by Fidertanz and                                                                   Del Piero (Donnerhall). He was imported from Germany in August 2014 with extraordinary Dressage movements!  A truly FEI prospect! FIRST RECOGNIZED SHOW  72.045%

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