2013 Imported Oldenburger Gelding

HEIGHT: 16.3 hh
Exceptional 2013 Oldenburg gelding Imported from Germany. Schooling 3rd level. 
SIRE: Quasar de Charry (Quaterback/ Wolkentanz) 'Video':
Dam: Santa Cruz (Silvio I (Sandro)/ Grand Galopin
Show record when he was in Germany: L Level test for young horses placed. Sports breeding at the highest level. Quasar de Charry is successfully shown in advanced level tests under Anne Horstmann. Santa Cruz (Dam) is a Grand Prix winner under Ingrid Klimke.
High- quality youngster increasingly following in the hoofsteps of his parents, and generously fulfilling all wishes. He has a rhythm of movement which is supported by an accentuated beat and offers great promise. 
Additional video of his flying changes:
FEI Prospect. Top quality gaits. Super temperament. Willing. Smooth gaits. Forward thinking. Light to the aids. X-rays on file.

2015 P.R.E. Gelding

HEIGHT: 16.1 Hh. 

2011 Imported Lusitano gelding. 3rd Level. Canter Pirouettes. FEI Potential.
Smooth gaits. Forward Thinking. Willing. Brave. Natural balance. Light to the aids. Sporty. Forgiven. Amateur friendly. 

Gitano´s ridden by a working student during a quadrille´s practice:

2013 Imported  Oldenburg Stallion

HEIGHT: 15.2 hh

His SIRE was my Grand Prix PRE: "Gamarro FONT" International Grand Prix Horse. Region 9 Grand Prix Champion and 5th and 7th at the USDF Dressage Finals.
Secreto is a wonderful  FEI Prospect. Smooth gaits. Forward thinking. Light to the aids. Safe and Brave. Natural balance. Easy to ride by an amateur. Best brain ever. Super safe even for a low level amateur rider. Amazing natural collected canter already. A Dream Amateur horse in a small package. Willing. Hard worker. X-Rays on file. Owned & Ridden by Marta Renilla (5'7 Tall) International Grand Prix Competitor 5 Star USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist on self-trained horses.

HEIGHT: 16.2 hh

2013 Oldenburg stallion Imported from Germany . 16.2 Hh.
His Full brother is the famous Licence Stallion SIR RUBINSTEIN.
SIRE: Sir Donnerhall I
DAM: Rubinstein I/ Werther
A dream horse!!! FEI Prospect. Selected to be a demo horse at the USDF Sport Horse Prospect Development Forum in May 2017.

Amazing disposition and trainability. Brave. Forward thinking. Smooth gaits. Willing. Sweet. Amateur friendly. X- rays on file.

HEIGHT: 16.2hh

2013 P.R.E (Andalusian) mare.(please forgive our typo with her age in video). Dressage Bloodlines. FEI prospect. Super disposition. Acts like a gelding. Smooth gaits.  Sporty. Willing. Brave. Amateur friendly. X- Rays on file. Ridden and Trained by Marta Renilla (5'7 Tall),  International Grand Prix Competitor, 5 Star USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist on self-trained horses

HEIGHT: 16.2 hh

2007 Swedish mare. Imported from Sweden. Amazing Bloodlines:
SIRE: 'LINGH', Eduard Gal's Horse. W
orld Cup Final's Champion. 

Liberty sire video (Lingh):

MOM: Full sister of the Olympic horse 'BRIAR'. 

Super Talented. Trained at PSG/ Inter I levels.
Super talented mare with an amazing disposition to work. Light to the aids. Forward thinking. Smooth gaits. Brave. Behaves like a gelding. Amateur friendly. Ridden by Marta Renilla (5.7' tall). 

Old video of Liberty:  

2007 Swedish Warmblood Mare
2014 Black Oldenburger Gelding
2014 Dutch Warmblood Mare 

HEIGHT: 16.3hh

Everything is very easy for him. Fine Character, elastic movements, quick to learn and natural ride-ability, all speak for themselves.

Contigo is brother of the state stud sire Gandhi by Gribaldi.
SIRE: Connery.  Contigo sires’s video (Connery)

DAM by: De Niro/ Sion.
FEI prospect. Smooth gaits. Forward thinking. Light to the aids. Natural balance. Brave. Willing. Sweet. X- Rays on file

HEIGHT: 16 hh 

2014 Dutch Warmblood mare by Ampere (Rousseau/Flemmingh) Argentinus/World Cup II. Lives in our training facility in Houston: Woodlands Equestrian Club. Old video prior her training:

Sire Ampere's video:

FEI Prospect. CLEAN X-RAYS AVAILABLE NATURAL UPHILL BALANCE. LIGHT TO THE AIDS. SMOOTH GAITS BRAVE. SWEET. WILLING. AMATEUR FRIENDLY Owned and Trained by Woodlands Equestrian Club since she was 2 yo. Ridden by Skye Simpson (16yo Working student 5.3' Tall). 

Currenty with newborn and out of the market until Fall 2018.

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