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european dressage horses

How we Operate

We are committed to our clients and will advise for the best sporthorse for their specific needs... READ HERE OUR SUCCESFUL STORIES.

Since 2010, we specialize in Importing high quality sport horses from the best breeders in Germany, Netherlands, Spain & Mexico ... so you don't have to. Once the selected horses arrive to Houston, our Grand Prix trainers move them up through the levels...  so by the time you visit us, you can choose among a great variety of wonderful Dressage horses of different breeds, ages, colors and sizes.  

All the horses you see in this website have been carefully selected by MARTA RENILLA and are trained by her and her assistants. Marta is a 5 stars USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist on self-trained horses & an International Grand Prix Competitor and is regular Nations Cup competitor in Wellington. Read more about Marta here.

Our Selection & Training

The search for the perfect dressage horse can be a long and frustrating process. 

Let Marta bring us a great selection of Dressage Dreams from Europe to make your horse shopping experience easy and a real pleasure! Marta prides herself on producing outstanding FEI prospects. Marta's signature is felt on every stride and their calm, attentive and trustful personality speaks for Marta's language and understanding of everything equine. 


So we hope to hear for your interest in one of our special dressage horses and we look forward to welcoming you in our Houston facility!

What's next?

1. If you have made your choice, Ask for the horse's Agreement of Sale and we will start the Sales process.

2. Prefer to meet him in person? Make your trip to Houston worth it! We normally train around 20 sale horses at any given time. All of them are carefully trained at Woodlands Equestrian Club., so you just need to do one stop in order to see a wide variety of horses! It is that easy! You do not need to worry about importing your horse since we have already done it for you. Email us to schedule a visit!

Horses' Prices Range:

Less than $36,000 /$36,000 - $45,000/ $46,000 - $70,000 / 71,000 - $99,000 / +$100,000 

Change in Price is based on the horse's quality and hours of training.

Sort the top bar menu by breed and price range to find your dream horse.

We try to keep our horses stallions if they are nice, but we can always geld them for you and take care of their recovery prior they are shipped to you.

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