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All the horses that Marta trains at her Equestrian facility are special. She selects them for their potential to become perfect pairs for AA and professional riders all over the US and Canada. But as you may know, Horses are and have always been her true passion. So, over the years, Marta has either bred or acquired as foals, outstanding sport horses that she personally has loved, nurtured, trained and brought up the levels. These are her spoiled children, carefully risen by her team and daily loved by her and her family. 

Marta's Special Special Selection is a group of top of the line Sport horses comprised of the very best bloodlines and training. These are her personal, private, horses that as a mom when their kids go off to college, needs to let them fly every year. Marta prides herself on producing outstanding FEI prospects. Marta's signature is felt on every stride and their calm, attentive and trustful personality speaks for Marta's language and understanding of everything equine. 

Rarely available for purchase , these are Marta's most exclusive and sought-after sport horses. Their polished, crafted education has been focused on the pursuit of International competitions where, Marta has participated over the past two decades, allowing her vast knowledge to be reflected in their disposition and readiness. 


She has decided to call this group of talented dancers M.R. Horses.

M.R. horses are athletes who upon graduation from Marta Renilla's Dressage Training Method could become your ultimate Dressage soulmates. ​

We invite you to meet our M.R. horses!  Look for the M.R. surname at www.EuropeanDressageHorses.com

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